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PLR Performance Engines – our name is what we do

Since 1998 we have been machining engines for standard vehicles, trucks, buses and race cars.  We have grown as a business, enhanced our skills and invested in the latest equipment available.  These developments have resulted in us specialising in performance engines and becoming one of Brisbane’s leading performance engine workshops.

Before any work is done we find out how your engine will be used, the performance power band and what you are looking to achieve.  An engine for a street car, racing saloon or drag car have totally different needs and we can machine each engine to suit your situation.  Our team are extremely helpful and understand all performance options and how they can be applied to your engine.  We also stock a great range of leading brand performance engine parts that can be used in your project.

Our aim is to make you a winner

Our processes, equipment and skills are what makes your engine perform better and for longer.  Increased horsepower and improved reliability is the difference between winning a race and failing to finish.  From the way we clean your engine to the precision of our equipment and the accuracy of our assembly, every step counts. We strip and clean your engine and check for defects.  Components are tested for hardness as required. Your engine components are then machined to your needs using the most advanced machines available.  Assembly is critical as every bearing, bolt and clearance is selected, checked and tensioned with maximum performance in mind.


Block Machining

Standard: Boring & Honing Decking Line Boring Line Honing Fitting Cam Bearings Conrod Resizing & Pin Fitting

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Our Machinery

Combine the latest machining equipment with our skilled tradesmen and you will see why PLR Performance Engines is one of Brisbane’s leading engine workshops. Have a look at what our machines can do for your engine.

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