Engine balancing for smooth power delivery

There are many forces involved in an engine. Vertical, horizontal and rotational.  Pistons, crankshaft and combusting fuel can work in opposing ways, reducing power, or they can be balanced to work together.  Our engine balancing services provide smoother operation of engine forces resulting in improved power transfer to your crankshaft.  A balanced engine runs smoother, has reduced wear and greater reliability.  Whether your engine needs high performance for only 10 seconds on the strip or 12 hours of endurance on the track it will seriously benefit from balancing.

Like our other services engine balancing is a standalone service we offer or you can combine it with other machining and performance services to give your engine the extra power needed to stay in front.  We use our Sunnen Digital Balancer to balance your engine and it is accurate down to 0.1 grams.  This accuracy can typically add 20 HP to your engine and greatly reduce engine vibration.  A gram or two out of balance at 8000 rpm is like a 90kg force shaking and bashing your engine’s bottom end.

How we work

The way we operate our workshop is one of the key contributor’s to successful machining projects.  It is thorough, we keep customers informed and the end result is a reliable high performance engine.

  • Call us on 07 3881 1342 to discuss your engine and what you would like to have done.
  • We can give you an estimate over the phone.
  • If you would like to proceed, your component or engine needs to be removed from your vehicle and brought to our workshop.  We don’t have engine removal or installation services but we can recommend a workshop that can do this for you.
  • On arrival your engine or component is stripped and completely cleaned for inspection and testing.
  • If we find any defects or issues we will call you to discuss your options
  • We perform hardness tests on key components to ensure the materials are suitable for machining.
  • We can provide you with an itemised estimate of work that will be carried out and parts be to supplied.
  • If we find any further issues during the process, we will contact you before proceeding so you can make informed decisions. 
  • Your engine or component will then be machined to the agreed specifications using the best equipment in our workshop.
  • Following machining we will reassemble your engine using our performance assembly process for more power and reliability.
  • Your engine or component is then ready for collection and can be installed back into your vehicle.

You will be amazed how much extra power you have, from your smooth engine, after balancing by PLR Performance Engines. 

Try us today by calling 07 3881 1342